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Local Area

The Franciacorta district is famed for its tradition and culture of fine foods and wines. Franciacorta is a beautiful area of rolling hills dotted with small hamlets, castles and abbeys. It is in Lombardy, not far from Brescia, and its position between the Po Plain, the hills and Lake Iseo ensures ideal conditions ideal for grape and olive growing. Franciacorta is certainly well known for its wines, but its famous sparkling whites are not the only delicacy the area has to offer. There is plenty to taste and savour apart from the wine: cured meats, cheeses, oil and fish from the lake. Many products enjoy PDO, DOC and DOCG status. The district's food and wine traditions are extremely distinctive, originating from the farming culture and cuisine of the hinterland, where meat predominates, and the fish from the nearby Lake Iseo. Fine sparkling wines and cured meats are a wonderful combination, worthy of this beautiful land. One of the finest cured meats is Monte Isola, or Montisola Salami, which is actually made on the island in the middle of Lake Iseo and in the area around the lake. It is a salami with a long tradition, which Salumificio di Franciacorta still produces with the care and dedication of bygone days. Alongside Montisola Salami are other delicacies that conserve all the traditional flavours intact.