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The Production

The Salumificio di Franciacorta premises are disinfected every evening and the utensils and equipment are sterilised at 120° in accordance with the international HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system. The pork, exclusively from pigs reared in Lombardy, is delivered daily and moves on from the boning and trimming department to the area where the products are prepared. Finally, it is transferred to the cellars where it matures, and to the holding rooms where shipping takes place.


Salumificio Di Franciacorta is certified Gluten Free and IFS (International Food Standard).

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DTP 108 is a CSQA standard which lays down the prerequisites for "Gluten Free" certification.

It is an objective assessment system which supports companies’ own declarations, proving due diligence in the management of the "Gluten Free" claim and authorising use of the approval mark on the label. DTP108-CSQA Gluten Free certification is particularly severe and reliable, and stricter than the current Italian legal limits: foods must have a gluten content of less than 10 ppm (the current legal limit is 20 ppm). It therefore provides an additional guarantee for coeliac sufferers. The following are performed in order obtain DTP108-CSQA Gluten-Free certification

  • audit of documentation
  • site inspection
  • sampling for every type of finished product to be certified.
  • all the plants covered by the certification will be inspected
  • inspections will be performed at least annually
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The IFS (International Food Standard) refers to suppliers of private label foods to retail chains

and certifies their ability to supply safe products, compliant with contract specifications and legal requirements. Recognised in Europe and Worldwide, it is one of the food safety standards approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative which promotes food safety throughout the supply chain. It is applied to food companies which supply own-brand food products to retailers. The standard focuses on product quality and food health and safety and is based on the HACCP* method. The main factors considered by the IFS Food Standard are:

  • adoption of the relevant best practices
  • adoption of an HACCP system
  • adoption of a documented quality control system
  • standard controls for working environments and the product, process and personnel
  • existence of appropriate specifications for:
    • the raw materials (including packaging materials),
    • the finished product,
    • intermediate/part-processed products,
    • supplier monitoring,
    • site location,
    • waste storage, collection and disposal,
    • personnel health and organisational standards,
    • process control.

The Standard's international acceptance means that the needs of customers throughout Europe can be met.
* The HACCP system not only analyses every stage in the production process and also downstream phases such as storage, transport, conservation and sale or serving to the consumer. The purpose of this control system is to monitor the entire food production and distribution chain.

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